I Will Get Better

Eventually you realize that no matter how good of a person  you are, it means nothing if he’s a piece of shit. eventually you will stop crying. not because you’re not sad, but because the tears don’t make dealing with the pain any easier. One day you’ll see that you have to erase the number and the messages. You have to make him go away. You have to do it for yourself. Strength doesn’t just appear, you have to create it. Pain creates walls. Pain creates barriers, and it makes you strong. You won’t feel weak seeing his number on the phone. His drunk texts will mean nothing. You won’t have to fight the urge to respond. You have to pretend not to give a shit until you really don’t give a shit anymore. You will move the hell on, and you’ll be glad you did so. You’ll see a guy smile at you on the sidewalk and for once, you will smile back because nothing is holding you back. Don’t give up.